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Ultrasonic BTU Meters for Water and Energy

Energy / BTU meters are a key tool for reducing & optimizing energy usage and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. These instruments, which are typically used for sub-metering applications in large residential or institutional buildings,  provide a number of benefits to their users including lowering utility costs, the ability to capture energy usage that is not recorded by residential electrical meters, and increased property value. Ultrasonic BTU/Energy meters combine all of these benefits with the additional advantages provided by the non-invasive ultrasonic flow measurement technique.

Increasing water and energy costs, as well as new environmental regulations have necessitated optimization of both cold water and thermal energy flows in large residential and institutional buildings. Thermal energy meters from SmartMeasurement are offered in a variety of configurations, each with a variety of options, in order to accommodate all of the demands that are encountered in building thermal energy measurement and sub-metering applications. Both inline and clamp-on sensor mounting configurations are available. Multiple display packages including wall mount, panel mount, compact DIN rail mount, and portable are offered. High performance models and low-cost OEM packages are also available with a variety of industry-standard communication protocols including analog 4-20 mA, pulse, Modbus, Profibus, M-Bus and BACNet.

SmartMeasurement-ALSONIC-EG Ultrasonic meter with BTU measurement

For situations where clamp-on installation is preferred, the ALSONIC-EG is offered with wall mount, panel mount, or DIN rail mount display modules and is provided with analog 4-20 mA, pulse, and Modbus outputs for integration with BAS systems.

For applications that require multiple points in a system to be periodically spot-checked, the portable ALSONIC-PLEG provides an ideal solution.

SmartMeasurement Economical Ultrasonic Meter with BTU Measurement ALSONIC-BAEG

For sub-metering applications in large buildings having many individual units, the low-cost ALSONIC-BAEG is offered with an inline mounted brass flow body and a choice of pulse, M-BUS, Modbus, or BACNet outputs.

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