Pressure Switch (สวิตช์ความดัน) รุ่น SQX ยี่ห้อ FineTek

FineTek – SQX Pressure Switch

  • Robust pressure switch even in severe duty applications
  • Choice of body materials; 316SS, zinc plated steel and brass
  • Selectable contact, electrical connection and accessories
  • Adjustable or fixed pressure
  • High quality and cost effective
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Burkert-Type TCD001 - Pressure Switch for neutral gases and liquids

Burkert Type TCD001 – Pressure Switch for Neutral Gases and Liquids

  • For neutral gases and liquid
  • Switching point can be adjusted with grub screw
  • Models normally open contact, normally closed contact or changeover contact
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Burkert-Type 8311 - Pressure measuring device - Switch

Burkert Type 8311 – Pressure Measuring Device / Switch

  • Output signal 4…20 mA, 2-wire for continuous control
  • Transistor or relay outputs for On/Off control or alarm function
  • Indication, monitoring, transmitting and continuous or On/Off control in one device
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