19 Series

Shuttle valve (วาล์วกันกลับสองทาง)

Features & Benefits

  • Includes two inlets & one outlet
  • A pneumatic device connected to the shuttle outlet can be operated by either of two control valves connected to the shuttle inlets
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ROSS Controls® Shuttle Valves – 19 Series

The ROSS® Shuttle Valves 19 Series, are self-actuating line mounted poppet valves that provide control and versatility in air systems. A shuttle valve can allow a pneumatic device connected to its outlet to be operated by either of two control valves connected to the shuttle valve inlets. These valves perform their functions automatically according to the air flow conditions in the systems. Shuttle Valves have three connecting ports, two inlets and one outlet. The inlet which is pressurized first, or with the highest pressure applied, is automatically connected to the outlet, and the alternate supply source is closed off by a shuttle element. The blocking shuttle element will remain in this condition until the pressure is removed, or higher pressure is applied to the opposite inlet port. A shuttle valve should not be used as a pressure selector.

The ROSS® Shuttle Valves 19 Series have a reliable self-cleaning poppet design, built with tight-sealing shuttle elements for great efficiency and durability. Offered in two styles, standard with port sizes 1/8” and 1/4″ and high-flow with port sizes 1/4” and 3/8”, these valves are proven auxiliary devices.

For additional information on how this ROSS® valve will fit into your pneumatic system, reference our downloadable literature or contact us.

Part Number : D1968D2003

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