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จุดเด่นของ Type 0121

  • Direct-acting, media-separated valve up to DN 8
  • Maintenance-free pivoted armature technology
  • Vibration-proof, block screwed coil system
  • Service-friendly, robust manual override
  • Explosion-proof variants

จุดเด่นของ Type 0131

  • Direct-acting media-separated valve up to DN 20
  • Vibration-proof, block screwed solenoid system
  • Energy-saving power reduction for all DC variants
  • Increased safety due to electrical position feedback (optional)
  • Robust, service-friendly manual override

จุดเด่นของ Type 5282

  • Servo-assisted diaphragm valve up to DN65 orifice
  • Separating diaphragm for aggressive and contaminated media
  • Closing and opening times can be adjusted individually
  • Explosion-proof versions (Cat.2)
  • Service-friendly manual override