What is Metal Forming Press?

A metal forming press, also known as a stamping press, is a machine tool used to precisely shape and cut metal typically using upward and downward movements. Metal, supplied in sheet, coil, or tube form, is pressed between two halves of a press tool. The top half of the tool, a punch, is attached to the ram, and the bottom half of the tool, a die, is attached to the bolster plate secured to the bed of the press. Posts and bushings are often used to guide the pressing motion.

In general, metal forming is a manufacturing process in the that reshapes metal by plastic deformation. Metal can be permanently bent, stretched, and compressed into complex geometric shapes with a press. The ability to reshape the metal is proportional to the type and amount of stress applied to the part.

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ROSS® Experience in the Press Metal Forming Industry

ROSS Controls® is a leading global supplier of safety products and pneumatic controls for the Press Metal Forming Industry. In the mid-1950’s ROSS was the first to introduce double valve technology to the press industry, improving standards and operator safety on mechanical power presses. Over the years, ROSS has shown continued innovation in the field of control reliable double valve technology for clutches and brakes, but we have also developed products for a wide variety of press line applications and press-related systems.

From de-stackers and tilt tables to counterbalance and transfer feeds, ROSS has the products and global experience you depend on for unparalleled service life and the protection of workers and equipment.

ROSS® Safety Applications

  • Tilt Tables
  • De-Stackers
  • Die Cushion
  • Die Clamping
  • Clutch / Brake
  • Air Distribution
  • Transfer Feeds
  • Counterbalance

Press Metal Forming Industry Solutions – Poppet Valves

ROSS poppet valves pop open and closed almost instantly. Surface areas of the piston poppet, the exhaust poppet and the inlet poppet are carefully calculated to produce strong shifting and sealing forces in each direction. This results in a design, which ensures high speed, repeatability and high shifting forces over the life of the valve.

Press Metal Forming Industry Solutions - Poppet Valves ROSS CONTROLS FLUTECH THAILAND DISTRIBUTOR

ROSS poppet valves have positive sealing with no sliding action to prevent damage and wear. They are also self-cleaning and dirt tolerant thanks to the smallest flow-through area across the poppet’s seal and seat which produces a high-enough velocity to blow out all dirt and foreign matter. Plus, the valve is self-compensating for wear by automatically changing stroke length due to height changes in the valve seal from burnishing. These valves are designed for repeatability, high-temperature service, high speed, and high-shift consistency over the life of the valve.

Featured Product

Air Distribution Manifolds

The ROSS air distribution manifolds provide individual control of machinery with multiple pneumatic circuits. Mechanical presses may have clutch/brake, counterbalance, mechanical device, automation device or die cushion circuits. Air distribution manifolds allow centralized locations, independent pressure control and independent lockout capability for each pneumatic circuit.

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