What is the Packaging Industry?

The packaging industry is a business sector involved with the design and production of packaging products. Packaging includes everything from shelf displays to crates used during shipment to protect goods while they are on the move. Packaging is the planning, creating, manufacturing, wrapping, boxing, or bottling of goods for consumer, industrial, and military markets.

ROSS Controls in the Packaging Industry Flu-Tech Thailand

Packaging Industry Application Solutions – Poppet Valves

ROSS poppet valves pop open and closed almost instantly. Surface areas of the piston poppet, the exhaust poppet and the inlet poppet are carefully calculated to produce strong shifting and sealing forces in each direction. This results in a design, which ensures high speed, repeatability and high shifting forces.

ROSS poppet valves have positive sealing with no sliding action to prevent damage and wear. They are also self-cleaning and dirt tolerant thanks to the smallest flow-through area across the poppet’s seal and seat which produces a high-enough velocity to blow out all dirt and foreign matter. Plus, the valve is self-compensating for wear by automatically changing stroke length due to height changes in the valve seal from burnishing. These valves are designed for repeatability, high-temperature service, high speed, and high-shift consistency over the life of the valve.

Packaging Industry Application Solutions - Poppet Valves ROSS Controls

ROSS® Packaging Applications

Vacuum Sealing Packaging Ross Controls Flu-Tech Thailand

Vacuum Packaging

Vacuum packaging is a process where a product is placed in a bag or sandwiched in-between two sheets of plastic, a vacuum is applied to remove atmospheric air and then the product is sealed. In an effort to increase machine speed, valve port sizes generally range from 1” to 2-1/2”. In this application, most OEMs will actuate a single 3-way to pull a vacuum on the product and then de-actuate to vent the vacuum. Although this may be a practical method for systems using valves ported less than 1”, it can cause problems in systems using larger valves. When a standard 3-way poppet valve is in the process of shifting, there is an open center condition, which allows the vacuum pump to be open to the atmosphere. Not only does this condition increase energy cost, it also decreases cycle time. Using a two station 2-way CP manifold eliminates this problem

Thermoforming ROSS Controls Flu-Tech Thailand


Thermoforming is a process where a thin sheet of plastic enters the machine mold and forms thin-walled products by vacuum being pulled on the mold. These machines produce high volume, low margin, products and machine speed is the difference between profit and loss.


Blow Molding

There are multiple types of blow molding used in the production of plastic bottles including extrusion blow molding, injection blow molding, stretch blow molding, and reheat and blow molding.

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