What is the Metal Industry?

The metals and mining sector is the industry dedicated to the location and extraction of metal and mineral reserves around the world. Global reserves of metals and minerals are mined for profit and then used in jewelry-making, industrial applications, and investments.The metal industry processes non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, copper, and zinc; and ferrous materials such as steel. The primary metal industry is composed principally of iron and steel and aluminum production.

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ROSS® Experience in the Aluminum Industry

Backed by more than 100 years of proven design experience, ROSS Controls is a global manufacturer of rugged and robust pneumatic solutions for the aluminum smelter industry. Using proven valve technology and our ROSS/FLEX® design system, ROSS engineers work directly with OEM and plant engineers to optimize mill applications and achieve safety compliance.

With headquarters in the USA, ROSS also has offices in Germany, France, China, India, Japan, Brazil and the United Kingdom, to deliver local technical expertise for your global needs. Flu-Tech is ROSS Controls® sole authorized distributor in Thailand.

Aluminum Industry Applications

  • Energy Saver
  • Door Opening
  • Anode Jacking
  • Overhead Crane
  • Breaker/Ore Feed

ROSS® Experience in the Steel Industry

ROSS Controls® manufactures a complete line of directional control valves and air preparation units for many industries, including the Steel Industry. ROSS products are recognized around the world as the steel industry standard for reliability, repeatability, and robust design. Regardless where in the world your mill project is located, ROSS global network of steel industry pneumatic experts, manufacturing facilities and distributors can help keep your mill running smoothly and productively.

ROSS Controls® Systems Group can help you define your pneumatic control needs throughout your mill and develop turnkey pneumatic panels and stands ready for bolt down and connection to your mill equipment. Our capabilities include panel/stand circuit design, mechanical arrangement, manufacture, testing, follow-up training, and local service.

Aluminum Industry Applications

  • Picking
  • Coating
  • Sheering
  • Furnaces
  • Annealing
  • Baghouse
  • Galvanizing
  • Energy Saving
  • Hot Rolling Mill
  • Cold Rolling Mill
  • Water Treatment
  • Steel Processing
  • Continuous Casting

Industry Solutions – Poppet Valves

ROSS poppet valves are the product of choice for the Aluminum and Steel Industries. With its proven reliability and performance plus consistent switching times it has proven itself over many decades in this challenging and unforgiving environment. Its internal construction has been carefully calculated to produce strong shifting and sealing forces in each direction which results in a design which ensures high speed, repeatability and high shifting forces over the life of the valve.

ROSS poppet valves have positive sealing with no sliding action to prevent damage and wear. They are also self-cleaning and dirt tolerant thanks to the smallest flow-through area across the poppet’s seal and seat which produces a high-enough velocity to blow out all dirt and foreign matter. Plus, the valve is self-compensating for wear by automatically changing stroke length due to height changes in the valve seal from burnishing. These valves are designed for repeatability, high-temperature service, high speed, and high-shift consistency over the life of the valve.

Featured Product

15 Series High Capacity Manual Lockout L-O-X® Valve

Following any FRL components, an energy isolation valve is usually the first valve in the line supplying compressed air to equipment. The energy isolation valve should provide a quick means of shutting off the supply of air and exhausting the downstream lines. The ROSS High Capacity Manual Lockout L-O-X® valve is offered in either 1-1/2” & 2” ports. It’s yellow body and large red operating handle allow high visibility. All 15 Series Lockout Valves include an integrated sensing port for pressure verification where a visual pop-up indicator or pressure switch can be installed.

The controlling spool of the valve employs seals made of very low-friction material. These seals enable the L-O-X®spool to shift smoothly and easily even after being on standby for a long period of time. The large exhaust port enables rapid release of line pressure and is threaded for the installation of a silencer or a line for remote exhausting.

ROSS CONTROLS 15 Series High Capacity Manual Lockout L-O-X® Valve