Filters Coalescing Adsorber & Dryers

Master Pneumatic Filters Coalescing Adsorber & Dryers to meet your compressed air filtration requirements for clean air by removing water, particulants and/or oil. Select general purpose filters with micron ratings of 5 um, 20 um or 40 um to remove water and particulate material. Coalecing filters remove oil and solid contaminants with 0.3 to 0.01 micron elements. To remove air line vapors add an adsorbing filter. They produce air that is virtually free of oil and hydrocarbon vapors removing orders from alcohols, esters and ketones. Choose one of our Clean Air Packages to easily combine all three of these filters into one assembly. For point of use cleaning and drying try our Filenco dryer filters which use clay desicant, activated carbon or molecular sieves.

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General Purpose Filters

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Adsorbing Filters – Oil Vapor Removal

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