The History of Master Pneumatic


Master Pneumatic Inc. (M/P) originated in 1950 as a regional supplier of the Detroit automotive industry.  Since then, M/P has become a world wide manufacturing and service organization, initially to serve the requirements of the various multinational automotive companies, and later to introduce M/P products in other markets.


In 1960 M/P began to establish overseas distribution in order to sell, supply, and service products that were being purchased by the overseas automotive market. This demand was primarily because of Detroit automotive specifications calling for Master Pneumatic equipment. The 1960’s also saw the introduction of our Serv-Oil products, a line of totally new and unique injection lubricators.


In the 1970’s M/P introduced two new, smaller FRL product lines for applications other than automotive. We also introduced coalescing oil-removing filters in all sizes and the expansion of M/P’s standard full size Vanguard series of FRL’s.


Increasing sales resulted in additions to our plant twice during the 1980’s, adding 30,000 square feet to our original 19,000 square foot facility. This expansion provided increased manufacturing capacity. At this time, M/P also acquired a plastic molding company to produce any plastic parts used in our products.


When 1990 came, M/P’s concentration moved onto solving specific customer problems with custom designed products. Our quick response, technical and manufacturing capabilities, and product flexibility has resulted in the development of over 700 custom products that meet the specific requirements of our customers.


In 2000, the acquisition of Filenco desiccant dryers, a complimentary product to our line, continued our expansion.  Since 2000 M/P has continued to expand its customer base in the Construction, Food and Beverage, and Medical industries.

In 2005 M/P brought its cleanroom online.  This supported the continued growth in the Medical and Food and Beverage industries, in addition to creating tighter controls on the cleanliness specifictions of other customers and industries.

In 2008 M/P began producing its own zinc die castings for use in our intermediate and full sized fitler, regulators, and lubricator product lines.  The addition of this capability enabled M/P to significantly reduce leadtimes and increase customer satisfaction.

Throughout the past decade M/P has continued our tradition of great customer service, product support, and service to multinational automotive companies. We’re looking forward to the future and continuing to successfully service our customers.