Variable area flow meter


Flowmeters are very simple yet versatile flow measurement devices for use on all types of liquids, gases and steam. It is a type of differential pressure (DP) flow meter. They operate on the variable area principle, whereby a flowing fluid changes the position of a float, piston, or vane to open a larger area for the passage of the fluid. The position of the float, piston, or vane is used to give a direct visual indication of the flowrate.


SmartMeasurement - Metal Tube Variable Area Meter ALVAMT

Metal Tube Variable Area Meter

  • Versatile design may be used for gas, steam, and liquids
  • High resolution and fast response time; – 5 to 50 msec
  • Wide temperature range from -40 up to 750 °F (-40 to 400 °C)
  • High pressure operation up to 6100 psi (420 bar)