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เครื่องวิเคราะห์ความชื้น (Humidity Sensors) FineTek Mütec / Muetec - HUMY 3000 Continuous inline moisture measurement of bulk materials

Muetec (Mütec) – HUMY 3000 Continuous online moisture measuring system

  • No samples fort he laboratory necessary
  • Saving of energy costs
  • Improvement on the product quality
  • Very short amortization time
  • High selective sensitiveness
  • High measuring speed
  • Precision better than 0,1% (under consideration of the product)
  • Easy and economical installation
  • Fast and simple calibration
  • Optional ATEX-Version for Zone 20 und Zone 0
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FineTek - MF3000 Mass flow measurement for bulk materials

Muetec (Mütec) – MF3000 Mass flow measurement for bulk materials

  • For pneumatic conveyors and free falling processes
  • For all solid materials from a few kg/h to many t/h
  • No armatures inside the pipe and inside flush fitting
  • Very fast and contactless measurement
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