100 Years with ROSS




Founded in 1921, ROSS‘ co-founder, Charles A. Ross, designed and created the first hand-operated poppet valve to keep new steel tube piercing process operational after a fire brought it down. After the creation, ROSS has continued to expend its valve for many general applications with emphasis on the poppet technology, which became a core technology in today’s industry.

ROSS – SERIES 27 Poppet Valves with & without Control Options
During the 1950s, ROSS was at the forefront of workplace safety with the development of clutch/brake double valves in metal forming industries. In the 1960s, ROSS introduced a signature product – the L-O-X® Lockout Valve for Energy Isolation applications. Over the decades to follow, ROSS continued pioneering safety innovations targeting applications including safe exhaust, cylinder control, safety availability for process control, hydraulic block & bleed and block & stop, as well as remote alternative isolation, helping ROSS to become a globally recognized leader in fluid power safety.

A Global Family

ROSS began as a family-owned company and remains family-owned today. Even through its global expansion and acquisitions, its business culture reflects the same core values that have guided the company since its humble beginnings.
ROSS began to expand its global footprint by opening ROSS Europa (in Germany) in 1960 followed by ROSS Asia (in Japan) in 1973 and ROSS UK in 1984. The expansion continued with ROSS India in 2000, ROSS Brazil in 2001, ROSS France in 2001, ROSS China in 2006 and ROSS Canada in 2016. ROSS then began complementing and supplementing its product offering through acquisitions and business startups including Dale Industrial in 2009, Detroit Coil in 2011, manufactIS in 2012, Automatic Valve in 2017, ElectroGuard® in 2017 and Pneumatrol in 2019.
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Inspired Future

As the ROSS moves into the next century, ROSS continues to broaden and strengthen its product and service offering, focusing on workplace safety, to expand its footprint into more industries across the globe. While expanding markets include medical, process automation, hazardous location applications, leak test, glass containers and more.

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