Aignep 360 Serie Safety Air Blowguns (Flutech Thailand)

Aignep’s 360 Series – Safety Air Blow Guns

Aignep presents the 360 SERIE, air blow guns that maximize safety, performance, and operator comfort. When production and factory personnel are at work, it can often be tempting to find the easiest or fastest to do certain things. This is okay, but shortcuts can lead to individuals and companies running into major problems.

Workers may choose to use a compressed air gun/nozzle to remove dust and debris from clothing and/or exposed skin. It is the quickest and most convenient method of cleaning themselves, but this practice may cause severe internal injury such as embolism. The OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) is regulating safe work procedures in order to minimize risks to people, equipment and processes.

Aignep’s 360 Series meets OSHA 1910.242 (b), OSHA 1910.95 (b), EC 2003/10/CE:

  • The OSHA 1910.242 (b) requires that when an air gun is dead end (the tip of an air gun is blocked), the static pressure at point of blockage is no more than 30 psi, when most pneumatic tools including air guns need high pressure to operate effectively.  Aignep model 362 & 363 meet this requirement.
  • OSHA 1910.95 (b) requires noise-abatement of air guns of max 90dB for 8 consecutive working hours.  Excessive noise can lead to hearing loss. Aignep model 361-362-363 meet this requirement.

Aignep model 363 with comfortable double port connections (upper & lateral) passed an accelerated aging test that simulates a hard 10 years lifecycle. The tubes are made in stainless steel AISI 304 and body is in lightweight plastic.  The safety air blow guns are resistant to rust, scratches and extreme temperatures. The ergonomic design reduces stress from long term-work and increases flow up to 500 Nl/min. A hanging hook is also integrated in the design as well. From whistle to blast with robust and very responsive trigger, this is the best safety solution in industrial cleaning.

Aignep 360 SERIE - SAFETY AIR BLOW GUNS (Flutech Thailand)

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