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Push-In Fittings ø16 mm

Aignep has been producing push-in fittings for over 40 years. Hundreds of thousands of pieces are reversed on the international markets to satisfy multiple applications of the modern industry. The high quality and the large variety make the Aignep brand one of the most reliable when it comes to push-in fittings. The push to connect technology enable quick and easy assembly without tools. PU, PA, PTFE, FEP, soft metal tubes and many others can be easily installed by pushing the hose into the release ring until it stops. An internal cartridge with high durability steel washer is able to clamp around the hose for a leak-free and safe connection. By pressing down the release ring, it is possible to disengage the washer and remove back the hose. A well proven-technology available on all kind of configurations: straight, elbow, tee, union, bulkhead, swivel etc. Available in all diameters: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 mm.

Aignep Adaptor Series 50000 Flu-Tech


Straight Male Adaptor “Universal Short”

Aignep offers  the 16mm push-in fittings, the biggest size in Aignep‘s range to suit higher flow, longer distance or different fluids. This range expansion will initially concern 3 lines: 50000 and 50000N series with red and black ring, in brass nickel plated and NBR seals, mainly used for compressed air. For heavy duty application the new size is available in 57000 series, with full metallic ring in brass nickel-plated andn NBR seals. For these 3 lines deliveries from the central warehouse already started. Upcoming, in the next months, will be the 60000 series in stainless steel AISI316 with FKM seals for aggressive environment and suitable for food & beverage contact. Work in progress also for the 55000 series made in technopolymer for light pneumatic application.

A big diameter for small fittings. It’s another little progress for Aignep to seize the big opportunities of the market.

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