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The steel industry has mainly two types of furnaces i.e Blast furnace and Electric Arc furnace. Due to the different type of smelting and manufacturing process in steel production, the finished product also differs. For decades, FineTek is providing best measurement products and solutions for the special manufacturing needs of the steel industry.

Raw Material Storage ระบบการจัดเก็บวัตถุดิบ

Fine-Tek products are used in storage and transportation equipments such as Coke, sinter, the ball end ore, limestone, etc. used for smelting applications.

Solid Injection การฉีดวัสดุของแข็ง

Fine-Tek products are used in coal yards, coal handling equipments, crusher etc.

Batching System ระบบการประมวลผลแบบแบทซ์

Fine-Tek products are used in batching systems for blast furnace to distribute the raw materials proportionally such as smelting materials, coal, other combustions materials.

Dust Collector System ระบบเก็บฝุ่น

Fine-Tek products are used in dust collector system and are used to collect, filter and store the dust produced during combustion of raw materials.

Acid Washing System ระบบล้างกรด

Fine-Tek products are used in the acid washing system for surface treatment of steel after the smelting process.

Wastewater Treatment System ระบบบำบัดน้ำเสีย

Fine-Tek products are used in treatment of sewage water, waste liquids produced during the cooling of smelting process, acid washing process etc.

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