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The food and beverage industry include restaurants, cafeterias, cafés, fast-food joints, pubs, delis, food manufacturing operations, catering businesses, food transportation services, and more. Work in this industry can range from packaging to preparing, transporting, and serving food or beverages.

Food and beverage processing mainly is the mixing of water and raw materials in specific proportions. Generally, during beverage processing, there is a complex process where raw water passes through filtration and purification, proportional blending of ingredients, batching system, filling and packaging, sterilization, etc. FineTek provides full range of products used in every segment of the process Our products include simple switches output and analog signal transmitters which can be used for achieve process automation and control.

Raw Water Treatment (การบำบัดน้ำดิบ/น้ำประปา)

Raw water passes through complex filtration and purification process like reverse osmosis, UV disinfection, ultra-filtration, etc. For a smooth process, our liquid level sensors are used in these set-ups to monitor and control the level of the liquids.

Batching System (ระบบผสมแบบแบทช์)

Control systems are used to make a perfect blending of water, raw materials, additives, and so on in exact proportion. Our control instruments are used to measure and control level of liquids in storage tanks.

Digital Panel Controllers (ตัวควบคุมแผงดิจิตอล)

Our meters and display panels can used to display tank information in the control room. This help operators to observe any variation in the water quality or volume in the storage tanks.

Pump Protection (อุปกรณ์ปกป้องปั๊ม)

Our products are used to prevent mechanical failure, tank level error detection, damage of motor equipments, etc.

Liquid Tank (ถังของเหลว/ถังน้ำ)

Our products are also used to control the liquid level in the beverage stirring tank or filling tank.

High Temperature Instant Sterilization (การฆ่าเชื้อทันทีด้วยอุณหภูมิสูง)

Our products are used in high temperature instant sterilization of equipments after completion of filling process in beverage manufacturing.

Product Packaging (บรรจุภัณฑ์)

Our products are used in packaging process for orderly arrangement of beverage cans before packaging.

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