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The construction industry covers a huge range of processing equipments such as asphalt handling equipments, concrete mixing machines, road construction machinery, and so on. These processing equipments require process control programs to monitor different kind of process instruments for different applications such as material transport, heating and drying, stockpile transport, pollution prevention and control, finished shipments, etc. With the help of Fine-Tek, these complicated manufacturing processes runs smoothly, efficiently and more productive.

Asphalt Drying / Heating System (การทำให้แอสฟัลต์แห้ง / ระบบทำความร้อน)

Raw materials placed in outdoor environments can become damp. To eliminate the dampness, these material needs to be dried or go through the heating processing systems.

Storage System (ระบบการจัดเก็บ)

For level measurement of raw materials in storage tanks.

Dust Collection System (ระบบดักฝุ่น)

During transportation, aggregates can lead to dust emissions, so the storage needs to be equipped with dust collector systems. These equipments will create negative pressure inside the tank to suck and collect all the dust.

Conveyor System (ระบบสายพานลำเลียง)

In factories, conveyor belts are used to carry raw materials to storage. For the safety of workers, safety system are used such as installation of safety switch.

Wastewater Processing System (ระบบบำบัดน้ำเสีย)

In order to reduce pollution, factories use waste water for different purposes, such as controlling high dust in the air, sprinkling water system, cleaning vehicle, etc.

Control System (ระบบควบคุม)

Control rooms and on-site monitoring box use control systems for the continous measurement of solid/liquid level in silos/tanks.

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