Evolution Continues with the FRL Evo

The New Evolution

Exactly one year after its launch on the market, consensus and interest are growing on the air treatment units EVO. Particularly appreciated are the innovative design, the modularity and the high flow rates.

For a better air treatment, with a maximum pressure of 18 Bar, the Aignep FRL Evo line is available in two​ sizes,​ characterized by reduced dimensions: the first (1/4-3/8) and the second (3/8-1/2). Among the fields of application we can find machinery, compressors, air circuits and pipelines, where proper management of compressed air is essential.

In common with the two sizes, completely silicon​-free,​ we find the use of the latest generation techno​polymeric as​ a material for the realization of the various components. The metal​ threads that​ guarantee efficiency and resistance complete the range. The internal passages of the components have been designed to have a greater air flow.  The modular​ clamping is​ also simple ​and ​fast​​, with a quick release of the bowl. The manometer, to measure pressure, is integrated into the main body; there are several filtering thre sholds and adjustment ranges available.

With in the series, different figures​ are ​available​:​ filter, coalescer filter, padlockable pressure regulator, padlockable frontal regulator, filter regulator, manual and pneumatic shut off valve, progressive start, air distributor, automatic or semi-automatic vacuum condensate exhaust and lubricator with automatic or semi-automatic vacuum loading.

In addition to the various parts, Aignep also offers a  series of accessories as​ well as pressure manometers and pressure switches for different applications and functions.

The advantages ​of​ Aignep’s FRL Evo series consist in the possibility of having simplified modularity, greater precision and reliability of compressed air regulation, optimization of flows, greater robustness with light weight and coalescing filters.

With the next production batches all air units will be laser-printed with a QR Code which can be scanned with smart devices in order to see assembling  instructions in real time. The  ATEX certification allows the use of the air units in potential explosive environment. The enlargement of the range with the third size until 1” will be the final step.


Reference: Aignep


More and more manufacturers of food machinery or devices are choosing Aignep. For more information, please contact Flu-Tech Co., Ltd., Aignep’s authorized distributor in Thailand. Call Flu-Tech at 02-384-6060 or add us as a friend on Line @flutech.co.th