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Master Pneumatic regulators are made in various sizes to suit nearly all industrial requirement for pneumatic pressure regulation. A regulator is essential to the efficiency of pneumatic equipment. A compressor may supply air at 150 psi, but most equipments operate best at lower pressures. For example, a cylinder may be developed for use at 50 psig. Compressed air is costly, so using higher air pressure than necessary is wasteful and may even shorten the lifespan of the cylinder.

Master Pneumatic regulators offer two basic designs: Piston and Diaphragm. The piston design provides the highest air flow, while the diaphragm design provides high sensitivity and quick response. All regulators are self-relieving but a non-relieving option is available as well.


The SENTRY, GUARDSMAN, SERIES 380, and FULL-SIZE VANGUARD regulators are of the MODULAR design. Regulators are connected to either the filter or regulator by special modular connectors which seals the faces between units, for example, the inline mounted ones with pipe nipples. The MINIATURE and HIGH-CAPACITY VANGUARD regulators are suitable for inline mounting only.

A Guide to MP Regulators and Servo Valves

Master Pneumatic Regulators and Servo Valves


Modular units have durable plastic and corrosion-resistant bodies. A non-relieving version can be used with oil, water, and other liquids.

CFDR10M, CFDR11M Sentry Modular Integral Filter and Regulator 1/8 and 1/4



Bodies are made of aluminum for inline mounting and have similar characteristics to the SENTRY models. Brass or stainless steel bodies are also an option as well as water pressure models.

PR300 High Flow Vanguard 3


The modular units are in a balanced-valve, piston design enabling quick response for fast-cycling valves and cylinders. The two sub-series, the R60 models with durable plastic dome and the R75 models with high-strength metal dome, are designed for more severe environments. The performance of the regulator is pretty much the same.


These modular units with the diaphragm design are made for sensitivity and accurate pressure regulation. There is also a standard adjustment-locking key to prevent tampering. They are designed to give superior torque control with pneumatic tools, however, they are also suited for many applications for they are able to regulate very high air flows with great precision.

PR380 Full Size Modular Externally Piloted Regulator


Inline mounting and piston design are featured in these high-airflow models. There is also a standard adjustment-locking key to prevent tampering.


Regulators operated with external pilots are as precise as the external pilot regulators and can provide an accurate air control spring for excellent regulation. The pilot control regulator can be installed at a distance from the main regular for convenience in making adjustments.

R200 High-Flow Vanguard 1-1/2 and 2


Relief valves are set for a desired maximum system pressure and inserted in a tee downstream of a regulated pressure to prevent over-pressurization of the system beyond the relief valve setting. Relief valves are adjustable from 1 to 125 psig (0.07 to 8.6 bar). Optional springs are available for other pressure ranges. If the pressure excess the relief valve setting, it will let out system air to the atmosphere or display a warning signal on a valve. The pressure gauge here is a standard equipment.


These electro-pneumatic servo valves employ the latest technology, the closed loop control. The flow rate is typically in scam, but when using with a volume booster, a flow rate in excess of 1,000 scfm can be achieved.


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