SmartMeasurement – SD Portable [ATMF-Portable]

จุดเด่นของ Thermal Dispersion Flow Switch

  • Direct mass flow measurement of any gas with actual gas calibration
  • Portability, with up to 10 Hours of rechargeable battery operation
  • Data logging of gas mass flow rates with up to 3800 data points
  • Up to 16 unique calibrations or applications can be programmed onto a handheld unit
  • Easily transfers data into Excel spreadsheets
  • Tracking of overall gas consumption over a turndown ratio of at least 100:1
  • Graphical bar representing the flow rate
  • OLED display shows Flow, Temperature, Log#, Channel ID, Date & Time Stamps
  • 8-character TAG IDs defining specific pipe locations
  • No moving parts, and negligible pressure drop
  • Configurable via Keypad or using Addresser software (included)
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